The life Twenty Somethings

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles, social media posts and the like about “Things You Must Do In Your Twenties”, “Books to Read in Your Twenties” or “What You Learn About Yourself in Your Twenties.” When I initially began to see them, I read them all through and through. I even re-blogged a few. They seem to act as a guide to life or the unwritten rules that people in their twenties always ponder about. 

One of those articles I most recently encountered I found on Pinterest and it was a list of 30 books one should read in their twenties. Given that it is summer, and I am know longer bogged down with academic textbooks, I’ve been looking for new books to read and skimmed the list. I was only familiar with a few titles on the list, yet that wasn’t what really bothered me. What bothered me was the fact that the author of the article claimed that every single one of these books was going to help me get through my twenties by helping me in a different way. One book would change the way I viewed the world while another would help me finally get over an ex-lover and yet another would help me see why I should no longer be friends with those bitches from high school whom I never really liked anyway. 

Here’s my question: WHY do I need a book for that? Isn’t that what life experiences are for? You travel to another city/state/country and see how other people live. Your world view can change then. OR why does your world view need to be changed? What’s wrong with the way each person as an individual views the world? Isn’t that what give us our individuality that makes us a unique society? 

If I want to get over an ex-partner than the last thing I want to read is a fucking John Green book (the article recommend reading “The Fault In Our Stars”…). When getting over someone is the case, I want to surround myself with people that are going to lift me higher and keep my attitude positive. And who will eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s with me.

This leads into my second question… why is society so fucking obsessed with everyone in their twenties? Age is just a number. And if you have an age-no matter what is-than you are lucky because you are above ground and living life. When I tell people I’m 21 or that I’m in college the responses I always get are “Oh, what a great age!” Or “I wish I could be that young again.” Like what the hell? Any age is a great age because of life experiences -good or bad- that it took to get you there.  

I’m not really sure where I am going with all of this…this whole idea of your twenties and age and growing up has been kind of brewing for a while and I needed to get it out. I think it’s a damn shame if we as twenty somethings lose our individuality because we become too caught in having one decade of our lives be perfect. I have only been in my twenties for a year, 4 months, and 9 days. I’m 21 years old and I have already learned a lot about being in your twenties…just by life experiences. So here’s my list. This isn’t everything but it’s the things that stick out the most to me in my mind.

My Twenty Something Learning List 

  • Things do not always go as you want them to. And that’s okay. 
  • Though a Cosmo tastes good that night, it will give you a headache the next morning. 
  • College is not easy, in fact it is really fucking hard. And not just school.
  • With that said, getting to know your professors is really important and beneficial. 
  • You go through friends like you go through toilet paper. But the real ones last. 
  • I have really learned to appreciate my parents in different ways and I have learned to love them differently. 
  • Opening up to your mom about personal things is not as scary as it seems. 
  • The time for living with random roommates is college. And then never again. 
  • Boys will say they really like you and then go be with other girls. They even post it on Social Media for you to see. And it is heartbreaking. 
  • Having fun a school night won’t kill you. It will kill you if you do it every school night though. 
  • Turn your fucking phone off. Not vibrate, Do Not Disturb mode but OFF. That Instagram post can wait. 
  • Eating alone at a restaurant is exhilrating. 
  • Looking for part-time jobs sucks big-time. So does being broke. 
  • Your taste in woman/men, fashion, decor, academics, coffee, food…will change. 

I am learning how to be twenty something, but not by the lists society posts on social media. I am learning by day-by-day life experiences. I’m taking it all in one breath at a time.