The life Twenty Somethings

Searching for Golden

Iโ€™ve been seeing a lot of articles, social media posts and the like about โ€œThings You Must Do In Your Twentiesโ€, โ€œBooks to Read in Your Twentiesโ€ or โ€œWhat You Learn About Yourself in Your Twenties.โ€ When I initially began to see them, I read them all through and through. I even re-blogged a few. They seem to act as a guide to life or the unwritten rules that people in their twenties always ponder about.ย 

One of those articles I most recently encountered I found on Pinterest and it was a list of 30 books one should read in their twenties. Given that it is summer, and I am know longer bogged down with academic textbooks, Iโ€™ve been looking for new books to read and skimmed the list. I was only familiar with a few titles on the list, yet that wasnโ€™t what really bothered me. What bothered meโ€ฆ

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One thought on “The life Twenty Somethings

  1. Awesome blog. Your list is pretty good so far for only being 1 year into your 20’s. Guess what? Your thoughts, views and opinions will change in your 30s, and 40s as well. I can’t wait to see how they will continue to change. Joe

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