The life Twenty Somethings

Searching for Golden

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles, social media posts and the like about “Things You Must Do In Your Twenties”, “Books to Read in Your Twenties” or “What You Learn About Yourself in Your Twenties.” When I initially began to see them, I read them all through and through. I even re-blogged a few. They seem to act as a guide to life or the unwritten rules that people in their twenties always ponder about. 

One of those articles I most recently encountered I found on Pinterest and it was a list of 30 books one should read in their twenties. Given that it is summer, and I am know longer bogged down with academic textbooks, I’ve been looking for new books to read and skimmed the list. I was only familiar with a few titles on the list, yet that wasn’t what really bothered me. What bothered me…

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One thought on “The life Twenty Somethings

  1. Awesome blog. Your list is pretty good so far for only being 1 year into your 20’s. Guess what? Your thoughts, views and opinions will change in your 30s, and 40s as well. I can’t wait to see how they will continue to change. Joe

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