What Your Sushi Order Says About You

Thought Catalog


California Roll
β€œI either have no money or I’m 15 years old…does this come with miso soup?”


β€œ15 Sake Bombs, Please!”
β€œI consider myself the life of the party. I arranged this social gathering and we’re here to get fucked up and slam our fists on the table all night long. Let’s keep β€˜em coming, k?”


β€œI like the taste of chicken covered in teriyaki sauce, but I’m slightly edgier than that. It’s also very possible that I’m Filipino or African-American.”

California Roll (Deep fried plus spicy mayo and unagi sauce)
β€œI’m starving. And poor. But I keep it classy by going for β€œsushi”.”

Bento Box
β€œI like options. I generally prefer my food cooked. I kind of miss the days of having my lunch served on a tray. Ahh, #nostalgia.”


Chicken/Beef/Salmon Teriyaki
β€œI’m really hungry and I feel that cooked meat will fill me…

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