Life Reminders

I am in the process of applying and researching summer internships at art museums across the country. One of my favorite museums is The Getty in Los Angeles and I though how wonderful it would be to intern there for a summer. Much to my dismay, I was terribly disappointed when I discovered that they only offer a “Multicultural Undergraduate Summer Internship.” The issue at hand: I am white.

My skin tone is more white than Olaf in Frozen but cultural background is far from “multi”. This is what kept me from receiving scholarship money when applying to colleges as well. And while I could go on and on about this topic, I just wanted to reiterate what my mother told me on the phone when I called her to whine like a bratty 13-year old.

“It’s like the Rolling Stones song, she said, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want‘.” Taken aback by her calm attitude I began to fight but then I realized she’s right. It isn’t worth it. One internship that I may not even have the opportunity to participate in, isn’t worth getting so worked up about. This application process isn’t college. What I am expereinceing is the real world. Which in three semesters time, I am going to have to enter. Better get used to it.

For your listening pleasure…



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