Plan A-

So here I am sitting on my Southwest flight eating really stale pretzels headed back to school. I’m getting really dirty looks from the lady next to me because I put my water bottle in the seat between us. But everyone knows that when there is an empty seat, it’s storage for the extra crap you can’t fit in the tiny seat front pocket. ย Also, the kid in front of me won’t stop shaking the seat. What is normally a very short and easy flight, is about to be much too long.

As I sit here, listening to music and tweeting about my in-flight adventures-all thanks to the overpriced Southwest Wifi-I’m reflecting back on the month I spent at home. A lot happened.

I saw high beloved high school become State Champions in football. I visited the Huntington Library in Pasadena with my mom. My family got together to celebrate a milestone birthday for my grandma–80!!. And I got to visit the beach to celebrate another birthday with some of my best friends. It was all wonderful and relaxing-it was just what I needed.

But…the biggest thing that happened was I decided to change my major. I know big deal, college students change their major all the time and often more than once. However, this was a big deal for me. I went to the University of Missouri for many reasons but the main and most important reason is that their school of journalism is the best in the country and worldย renowned. But I didn’t get in. Twice I didn’t get in. And it was absolutely devastating.

Being a journalist has been my dream since I did my first interview for Kevin McCarthy for my high school newspaper. ย And attending the Missouri School of Journalism was apart of that dream. I visited the school in February of my junior year of high school and all other plans to be a Duck at the University of Oregon went out the window (Sorry Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa…). Mizzou was going to be my school. And I was going to graduate with a degree in journalism and a minor in Political Science and be a political reporter.

But now here I am, heading into the Spring semester of my junior and I have yet to post that screen grab of my acceptance email to the J-school to various social media sites. ย I was so ashamed of myself for not getting into the j-school. I kept asking myself what I did wrong; it felt as I had no future left. There were a lot of tears, sorrow, and sadness because I felt as if everything I had worked for since the day I joined the student paper in high school were just flushed down a giant toilet.

I thought about not coming back to Mizzou at all. I looked into transferring to Fresno State because they could let me in for Fall 2014 and I could still major in journalism there. ย But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it just wasn’t the best choice for me. I’d have to take a semester off of school, try to become a California resident again…the list really just goes on. Plus, who really wants to move to Fresno? It’s like Bakersfield, but hotter.

In the absence of my acceptance to the School of Journalism, I have decided to major in Art History. A big change? It’s all relative really. I realized how much I enjoyed Art History the same time I realized how much I disliked Political Science. It’s funny how things work out that way. I am excited to pursue this new major. I’ve come to really enjoy the classes and the topics in which they encounter. This will be new for me. I’m still sad about the journalism school. I might go to grad school for it one day, maybe at Cal Berkeley or I may even give Mizzou a try again. But for now, I honestly just want to get my degree and be done with school. And I still can minor in journalism, so in the end it all works out.

John F. Kennedy once said “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” I’ve always been extremely wary of changes. I’m stubborn and it’s hard for me to adapt to new things. But I believe that Kennedy is right and the last thing I want is to miss my future. Despite what I thought at the end of the fall semester, I know now that great opportunities are ahead. And I can’t wait to meet them with full force.




3 thoughts on “Plan A-

  1. Hi Mary. You will have the “highest of highs” and the “lowest of lows” in two aspects of your life…college and children. We are living in a time where technology, sociology, the arts and science are all integrated. Having the skills to communicate is an underrated talent. If Art History is your true passion, there is nothing greater than sharing your joy and love for the arts. How can you share your passion with others? Verbally and written formats. Continue to write every day…follow your passion and you will be amazed where you end up. Remember…I wanted to be a doctor and now I’m a Biology Professor. ๐Ÿ˜‰ PS I love the Huntington Library. Check out the Getty Museum the next time you are back in Cali. Go Tigers, Beat the Jayhawks.

  2. Barbara Conrad says:

    My dearest Mary,
    I am so excited for you in your new field of endeavor. I am also proud of how you accepted a major unwanted change. You will never regret any course you got to take at Mizzou — The Duck’s loss.
    Your new flexibility will serve you in good stead for now and in your bright future.
    And I went to college to become a doctor, but became an American History teacher, which still brings me daily joy and understanding of our country.
    Loving you, Your Grandmother Barbara (Go Ducks….)

  3. Mary, I read this blog post and I just wanted to say that I feel your pain with the J-school at Mizzou.. I have this semester to get my grades up or I won’t be accepted into the Journalism school as well. I feel very similar to all the things you said about all the classes and hard work you’ve put into the major. It’s good to hear that you’re excited about your new major and that you can still minor in Journalism. My back up plan is to major in TAM (Textile and Apparel Management). I hope everything goes well for you and I hope you are successful.

    โค LIOB,

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