Remembering JFK

November 22, 1963. A day that my dad remembers ever so clearly. And he was only 7 years old. He remembers the nuns crying at school. He remembers Walter Cronkite removing his glasses when he announced that the president was dead: a defining moment in TV News History.

50 years later, America is still captivated by JFK and wonders about that fateful day in Dallas.  Even my generation, who wasn’t even close to being born feels a kinship with the president and what he stood for. He was and still is the people’s president. And on that fateful Friday, the country mourned the loss of their beloved Jack.

He was not a perfect man as no person or politician can claim to be. But JFK loved his wife, children, and country with deep sincerity. When we remember him, we should focus on his leadership qualities, military accomplishments, and character as opposed to the violent and tragic way he died.


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