Searching for Golden pt. 2


Gilded. All that glitters is gold. The Golden State. The Golden Rule. Searching For Golden

An adjective used to describe the period after the 1870s, a phrase that people often misconstrue, California, and a rule often taught to youngsters in school.

Where am I going with this you ask? To be honest with you I haven’t quite gotten there myself. But I see a commonality here. Or at least I did when this thought came to me when I went for a long walk Labor Day morning on the Katy Trail. (Observation: I do my best thinking out there) It was such a beautiful morning-the sky was clear and bright and the clouds were presently abundant. Flowers of gold and amethyst danced in the breeze and the trees stood erect with pride.

I felt inspired. I decided to come back to the blog I abandoned at the beginning of the summer. I jotted down some quick notes on my iPhone and was so excited to share my new discoveries. But alas, that was Monday. And here it is Wednesday night, and I am struggling to recollect those thoughts.

But as I sit here drinking my “Sweet Dreams” tea, the wheels only turn more. (So much for the Sweet Dreams) I am brought back to an idea I blogged about some time ago-“Searching For Golden.” It is defined by “having qualities which inspire hope.”


I think when I abandoned this blog I was in a place in my life where I was the one hoping to be inspired. I was far from “rock bottom” but I had been so down in my life and I couldn’t possibly see how things could turn around. Yet, they have.

And while I still need inspiration on a daily basis-I can count 8 inspirational decorations in sight at the moment-I think over the past few months I have evolved. I am learning to reflect on my past but not get caught up in it. I am learning that through all that I do, be it my actions that go noticed or unnoticed or words that I say or words I neglect to say- that I can inspire hope in someone.

That is the Golden I am searching for.

photo-18 photo-18


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