Week 16-Not stopping here.

1.   What moments come to mind quickly when you think back over the class: good moments, bad moments, perplexing moments?
2.   What do these moments tell about you as a student, about the course, about the teachers?
3.   What are you most proud of about your own efforts and accomplishments in the course? 
4.   What has been your greatest challenge?
5.   What are you not satisfied with or what do you want to work on improving?
6.   What have you learned about other than media making– perhaps about yourself, or about people, about learning or about storytelling? 
My professor Shane emailed us these questions to center our last blog around. As the semester has gone on, I have shared my struggles and triumphs. To keep this from becoming a laundry list, I want to focus on 3 and 6.
I am proud of every single piece of multimedia I produced for this class. Is it all good? No. Is it all perfect and publish worthy? Definitely not. But I’m proud of it because at the start of the semester, I had no idea how to do any of this. I didn’t know what all those buttons on a Nikon camera meant or how to even work a video camera. I knew little about picture editing and nothing about how to edit sound or video. I measure success by what I’ve learned. Though learning how to change aperture, or how to check the white balance on a video camera was definitely valuable, I think the most valuable thing I have learned this semester is that multimedia is an amazing way to tell stories.
When most people think journalism they think newspapers and the tv.  Up until about a year ago, I was one of those people. Taking this class though, has opened my eyes (one of the best cliches) to a new kind of story telling. I always viewed pictures and videos as something that had to accompany text pieces, not something that could stand alone and tell it’s own story. But sometimes, pictures and videos can speak volumes of their own. When tragedy hit the Boston Marathon, it wasn’t the articles that were moving me to tears. It was the pictures of the slain, the pictures that showed complete strangers helping one another. These pictures said “humanity” better than any combination of words ever could.
What have I learned about myself?-I’m not a bad photographer, video is not my thing, and I hate listening to myself when I record voiceover.  Beyond that though, I have learned more about the type of journalist that I want to be. Though I don’t know what city I’ll end up in, who I’ll end up working for, even what medium I’m going to work in, I know that I want to be a truth seeker. I want to get to the bottom of every story, promote accuracy, and be a vigilante for justice. Will this be easy? No. But these are the basic principle of excellent journalism and I will always strive for excellence.
This is technically where I have to end this blog. But I don’t think I’m going to stop here. I’m going to keep writing. Keep telling my thoughts, my tragedies, my worries and my good news. I have always found comfort in writing and thus with this blog I can blend my love of writing with my new found love of multimedia. I’m also not going to stop experimenting with multimedia. I want to document this summer as it will be my last one home (that is with the understanding that I don’t have to move home after I graduate…). But I plan on using what I’ve learned in this class to story-tell my way through summer.
I’m not sure what direction this blog will go in. Hell, I don’t even know what direction I’m going in.  But if I’ve learned anything in the past two years it’s to be flexible.  I’m not quite at the stage of a Betty Spaghetti doll. Flexibility is key-that’s a hard concept to grasp for my type-A personality but I’m getting there.
I’m not stopping here. Curious as to where I’m going? Follow my journey here.

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