Week 15-Thank the Journalism gods this week is OVER.

I am enrolled in two journalism classes. Everyone advised me against, but I did it anyways. I like to be different ya know, go with my own flow, march to the beat of my own drum.

Okay, while that might be partially true, I just really didn’t have a choice.  I wanted to start in my sequence in Fall ’13, and doubling up was the price I paid.

It wasn’t all bad. The assignment dates never really clashed and if they did, it usually wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. That being said, when my 2000 professor emailed me and said that our Final Project deadline was being pushed back two weeks to May 2nd, I died a little inside.

With two extra weeks you think I would have done a little happy dance right? Wrong. May 2nd just so happened to have been the due date for my 2150 Final Project. It’s like these professors get together and figure out how to make their student’s lives as stressful as they possibly can.

To say that the last month or so has been stressful is an understatement. It was a chaotic smoregus board of late nights, coffee with extra shots of expresso, late night dinners and stressful tears.  I got physically sick from being so exhausted and I found three gray hairs the morning of May 2nd.

But now I am happy dancing because it is May 3rd. The projects have been turned in and I can sit back and relax. Wait…sit back and relax?!?  Those words are not in a college student’s vocabulary. I will be a nervous wreck until I get the grades for those projects and I have three back to back exams on Wednesday. Not to mention finals in two weeks. There will be no “R and R” until I take my last final in two weeks. Until then, my goal is to try and not pull  out my graying hair (I’m really upset by the gray hair incase you couldn’t tell).

The good thing about all of this is that both final projects turned out fabulously. The one for 2000 was a hard copy project but the 2150 project was to build a website. I loved this project. It was challenging yet fun and it really allowed me to do some design work which I  recently discovered is something that I really have a knack for.  Plus my teammates were great to work with. In my experience, I have found that group projects are much more enjoyable of you have good team-members.

I am extremely proud of the work we did on our website. We covered the North Village Arts District in downtown CoMo-an area of town that not many Mizzou students know about. I love art and kooky places like those in the district. I don’t want to give much else away so be sure to check out our work here! 




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