Week 14-Case of the Blahs

Week 14 was a busy one. Yet, nothing really substantial happened class wise. I had a mock-up due for 2150 and a math test on Wednesday. A dentist appointment on Tuesday and Mizzou Mile on Thursday. It was a busy week but I definitely think I have a case of the “blahs.”

The Blahs-also known as Senioritis- comes along when the weather starts to warm up and the promise of summer glows ahead. Students realize that finals are only a few weeks away and that they better get in gear if they want to make grades. I definitely have a case of the blahs. I mean I am the queen of lists and organization so I knew when finals were. I even have this three week plan that is supposed to help me get stellar grades on exams. Shout out to Academic Excellence services for that!

But…this always happens to me, around this time of year at least. With the exception of my senior year in high school when I got my acceptance letter to MU in October…longest 7 months of my life.

So here I am with two major exams coming up, two final projects, a paper and three finals in two weeks and my motivation is __________________ (Lacking, nonexistent, insufficient…you get the idea.)

I can’t recall ever being this lazy in my whole life. I don’t know what’s changed. Maybe it’s because I know I’m going home in three weeks. Maybe it’s a sign I should just drop out and become a beach bum. I mean, I’d have constant friends in the form of seagulls, I would have a year round tan and I probably loose some weight by not eating regularly. Looks like I have a new life plan!

Except…Seagulls only hover if you have food. I’m as white as paper so I would only burn and then probably die form skin cancer. And yes losing weight would be good, but I should probably do it a healthy weight. Last time I checked, starvation was frowned upon.

So it looks like I will be sticking with my original plan. Go home for summer, take Stats and Bio……Become a fabulous journalist, and then First Lady.  Okay so that’s a bit much but hey a girl can dream, can’t she?

But because I know I have to be a big kid and that slacking off just isn’t an option here’s my plan of action for the next three weeks–Coffee, study, sleep if time allows, repeat.




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