Week 11-Starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything as we weren’t required to the week we left for Spring Break or during Spring Break.  With only 5 weeks left before finals, it is getting down to the wire with assignments, projects, and exams.  I’m definitely feeling the stress of it all but I have a light at the end of the tunnel that keeps me going.

My “light” is the fact that in just 6 weeks, I will be driving 1,700 miles to spend the summer with my wonderful family. Just before Spring Break I had a major meltdown and thought that maybe I needed a break. Over Spring Break, while I was serving people who needed my help through ASB, I thought a lot about what I should do. I came to the conclusion that I needed spend some time at home.  This year has been unbelievably tiring and stressful and I’m just ready for a break. I  am ready to have beach days with my sister, go have coffee and read the paper at Dagny’s with my Daddey and craft and sew with my Mama. Since coming to college I have begun to appreciate my family and my hometown so much more than I ever thought would. I’m excited to have a little more time before I come back to school in the fall. I think a little family home time is just what I need to keep me going for my last two years of college. Wow…my last two years of college. That’s a scary thought-where has the time gone?

It won’t be easy to readjust my lifestyle to my families but it will be necessary so we can all stay sane over the summer.  To keep my busy, I will be taking classes and possibly working. I am also hoping to do some volunteer work.

Going home is my light-what is the light at the end of your tunnel?

My family at Disneyland this past Christmas!

My family at Disneyland this past Christmas!



P.S.–Currently my favorite song- “Carolina” by Parmalee Pay close attention the chorus and I’m sure you’ll understand why 🙂



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