Week 8- Audio Slide Shows and some 90′s throwback. (Because we could all use some boy bands in our life)

Last week, I talked about an assignment that my classmates and I had been working on in parts. First we had to take pictures (Week 5) and then get an audio clip (week 7). The purpose of that was to then use those elements to make an audio slide show. Ours were due last week and because of some other assignments, I didn’t finish mine until the morning it was due. I guess that’s just college right?

I was pretty pleased with the way my slide show turned out. It was extremely hard to take pictures of these kids while they were dancing. They move extremely fast, so I had the camera (Nikon D7000) shooting at 9 frames a second. That was definitely helpful and I was able to get some petty decent “action shots” if you will. The main critique I had from my professor was that I used the “Ken Burns” technique too much.  Basically that means you gradually zoom in/out or have pictures “slide” in as opposed to having them be still. I personally am a fan of the technique. I think it adds more depth. Plus, I got a lot of great emotion from these kids (AKA-sass) and I wanted to zoom in on those faces. Watching it now, I think I might have overdone it too. But I was happy with what got turned in.

The other main component is the audio. My audio is not very clear but that’s really the nature of my project. We have to have “Nat Sound” which in this story’s case is children chattering happily in the background. I love the part in the audio when Lexi pronounces Illinois with the S at the end (Illinoisss). I also the love the ending clip when Rolando (Mr. Ro to the kids) is giving them a pep talk. I love his enthusiasm and his way of speaking. One of my classmates said his clip was too muddled but in all actuality, that’s just the Mr. Ro talks. Fast, raspy and a bit “lispy” (not a real word, I know. But I’m a journalist and I can do things like that).

I have tried several different ways to make the Audio SlideShow available to view but alas I just can’t figure it out. My expertise on IT and multimedia just isn’t quite there yet…someday! I’m working on the issue with my multimedia professor and will post it as soon as I figure out how.

And just something to make you laugh–the *NSYNC Music video for “This I Promise You”


  • Fashion-the turtle neck sweaters, JC Chasez’s pants, Joey Fatone’s red leather (Pleather?) jacket, Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass’s frosted tips
  • They catch bubbles…and then appear in them. Um, okay.
  • The host of pigeons flying away as a couple stand and looks on. I’m so sure-last time I checked bird poop wasn’t very romantic.
  • Singing in the forest. Or is it a green screen of the redwoods…I wonder.





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