Week 7-Half Way there and Steve Lopez.

This is the time of the semester when the Student Center is always crowded and the library is jam packed with caffeinated students cramming to learn those formulas or memorize those theories. It’s that time of the semester when professors give exams that often determine your grade and the direction the remainder of the semester is going to go. It case you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s midterm time.

My Midterms are over and I am finishing up a project for my Multimedia class. The project I’m finishing is an audio slideshow, which we have been doing in parts over the last few weeks. First we had to turn in the 3 Photo Package and then an audio clip. For the final piece, you compile both elements into one slideshow. When I took pictures for the 3PP, my pictures came out blue. (You can read about that in Week 5!) Not wanting to have to re-tint all of those pictures, I went to a High Steppers practice yesterday to take pictures. I took 657 pictures in the time span of one hour. That’s 657 that I will have to go through to either delete, color correct, crop, and edit. I’m really looking forward to it.

Kidding. I’m really scared to finish this assignment because I am not a multimedia person at all. I like learning about multimedia, but I just feel that I am not very good at it. But I know I have to do this assignment. It’s like my friend Abby said, “At the end of the day, you just have to do it. No matter how much it sucks, we do it we because we know we have to.”

Sound advice. Lately, I have been replaying those words in my head when I feel like procrastinating or I am just whining in general about homework or studying. Β I can’t help but wonder though, if this is the attitude I will have when I enter the “real world” of journalism. Will I only want to do an assignment because I know I have to? Or will I have some level of excitement when my editor sends me out into the field. I’m hoping for the latter. Maybe I’m jus having a case of the “half-way there blues.”

And just for fun…


This is a GREAT article that really gets the brain thinking on issues regarding voting. I have been interested in elections and voter turn out for a while and I think Steve Lopez is right on point. Why don’t people vote? Lopez said it best, you don’t even have to leave your house. You can vote in your bunny slippers and yoga pants for crying out loud. It just really irks me, when people don’t vote and then complain about the decisions the government makes. It especially bothers me, when women don’t vote because the women who came before us, worked damn hard (pardon my French) to make this right available to all women. The last thing women should be doing is showing those women disrespect by not exercising their right to vote.

Fun Fact: I also really like Lopez because I heard him speak at the community college in my hometown when I was in high school. We had a life chat and I procedded to tell him that I would be attending the University of Missouri and that I wanted to become a journalist. He then gave me shout out during his talk. Besides meeting Princess Belle at Disneyland in December, this was one of the best moments of life. Yes, I am aware of how nerdy this makes me sound.

Happy Reading!




Meeting Belle, a great moment in my life!

Meeting Belle, a great moment in my life!


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