Week 6- Writing for a newspaper. Oh, and more SNOW.

It is still snowing outside. I don’t know what the state of Missouri did, but they must have really angered the weather gods and it must have been something fierce.

With class being cancelled again Tuesday we didnโ€™t get around to our class critqie of the 3 Photo Package until yeterday. I received very positive feed back from both my classmates and my prfessor, Shane. Getting postitive feedback from a professional photographer was pretty exciting to say the least.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 3.12.19 PM


The above picture, is a screenshot of a Facebook status that my mom posted a few days ago. ย This idea, really got me thinking. ย I had never really considered that writing for a newspaper was a privilege. I saw it as more of an opportunity. Perhaps it could be both. An opportunity that I am privileged to have. That sounds reasonable to me.

At the end of the day, I really do hope I have the chance to work for a newspaper.I would love to write for the arts section of the New York Times or the travel section ย for the Los Angels Times. Go Big or Go Home, right? Despite that my emphasis area is taught through the magazine program, newspapers were what initially interested me in the industry of journalism. I would always read the newspaper with my dad when I was a little girl. I liked the weather page and the comics-especailly on Sunday when they were in color.

I hope that I do have the chance to work for a newspaper. Whether it be editing, fact checking, or writing, I want to be able to figure out what John Fleck meant when he said the above quote. ย Was it a certain experience he had ? Did he have an amazing editor at one job? Why does he feel working at a newspaper is a priviledge?

I hope that one day, I get to understand why.

Until then,



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