Week 2- Seeing Red

Stop signs. Taillights. Bikes and scooters. Ketchup bottles. Brick. These things have something in common-they are all (or often) red.  But you know what else is red? The Tiger Hotel sign when it is lit up at night. The cans of sauce that line the window of Shakespeare’s Pizza feature a red stripe and a red tomato. The entry doors to Calvary Episcopal Church are a bright cherry red. I’ve been going to church there since fall of my freshman year and I’ve never noticed them before.  In fact, now all I see when I walk downtown, around campus, or even my house, is the color red. 

I am attributing this sudden habit to this weeks assignment-“Seeing Red.” But I find myself wondering, why didn’t I notice these things before? I am journalist so it should be second nature for me to always be looking.  Here’s the thing though-I definitely have noticed these things before.  I just never looked twice at them because I wasn’t on the look out for something red.

I think that’s how people live thier lives. Always noticing, never looking. Civilians notice signs, people, statues, trees…but do we as a society ever purely just go “looking?” People go looking for answers, lost dogs, the love of their lives but they are prompted by the materialistic intentions of society.  Do we ever go looking without being prompted or without the intention of finding something?  

Where will you go looking? Something to ponder. 



Image               My favorite place to go looking-The Katy Trail in Columbia. 


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