Week 1

Week 1-Finding a story.

With everything that happens in the world, one wouldn’t think that finding a story would be a difficult task. In all actuality, it is extremely difficult . ย Anything can be a story but that is not generally the issue journalists face. As journalists, our biggest issue is finding something that will interest our readers and something that will leave readers feeling moved. And I think that is something that not all journalists remember when they are brainstorming. Just the other day in fact, I was reading an article online that was about Michelle Obama’s new hair cut and how she is going to be “setting the style” for women in 2013. Okay, now don’t get me wrong. I love Michelle Obama- but her bangs were a headlining story on the internet. Any good journalist (I’d like to include myself in this category) should see several red flags here.

Yes, some people might find her hair interesting…but does this kind of story really uphold the core values of journalism? Values of seeking the truth and being a watchdog for the people. Also, what does this story do to help benefit our society? It doesn’t shed light on anything nor does it help promote curiosity among readers. All a journalist is doing by writing this story is giving their own name a bad rep. ย Sometimes I wonder what the journalists who write these types of articles learned in their J1100 courses…




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